The birth of a child is without a doubt one of the most beautiful life-changing experiences someone can witness: The breath of new life into a new world of opportunity, adventure, and endless possibilities, surrounded by the overwhelming love of family. A birth is often times a very difficult and delicate but rewarding time in a family’s life. The decision to be vulnerable to a stranger to journalize your journey may have been a hard one, but holding onto unforgettable moments in your hands to pass on for generations is powerful and timeless. You will never regret having someone there to artistically capture the day you meet your new bundle of joy! 




  •  an in-person meeting to get acquainted and go over birth plans
  •  my time being on call 24/7 for up to 4 weeks (2 weeks before & 2 weeks after your due date)
  •  photographic documentation of your Birth Story from active labor to baby’s first moments with you and your family (up to 2 hours postpartum)
  •  50-100 high resolution images carefully selected and post-processed by me and put on my custom USB
  •  a 6x8 40-page soft bound book with your Birth Story’s highlight images


*Offered only as add-on to the Birth Photography package*

  • A 5-7 minutes short film that includes short video clips taken during labor, birth and postpartum that are carefully edited along with the still images and set to music.

A non-refundable deposit of 30% will need to be paid online in advance to book us for your custom birth photography experience. You will receive instructions on how to do so after we have discussed the details, due date, and package. Payments can be made before and after the birth.



When should I book my birth photography?
In the case you are to be induced or know the due date, booking during your second trimester is ideal. In some cases, the birth may occur short or late of the due date that’s why I make the entire week surrounding your due date available for me to be on call. In the event that it’s even shorter or later, no matter what, I will stop what I’m doing and make it to you. 

I’m considering hiring you. What are the steps involved? 
Please check my availability first and foremost. If you then have any questions about the service, please call me at (580 402 5735) or use the Contact Page. At your convenience, we can meet to discuss the payment plan, details of your birth, and any other questions you may have. To secure your booking, a non-refundable deposit of $100 will need to be made. Package must be paid in full before final Portrait DVD will be delivered. 

Can’t my Husband/Mom/Nurse just take the photos? 
The most important thing to remember during your birth is that your family members and nurse in the delivery room already have vital roles during the birth. Your partner/parents are there to support you fully while your nurse has a job to fulfill. For everyone one family that chooses to hire a photographer for that sole purpose, there are so many more that regret not having done so! Let your family fully experience the moments just as much as you do without having to worry! 

What if I require a Cesarean birth?
I strongly recommend that I follow you into the operating room to record all of the beautiful moments shared if it is possible. The decision is ultimately up to the doctors and the hospital policies. Sometimes it is partially allowed and sometimes not at all. It’s always a possibility but get in touch with your doctor and ask about previous C-section births and what was allowed. 

What if my birth is really really long?
As unpredictable as birth may be, I am in it for the whole gig! I may take some breaks here and there or maybe even go home to rest if the situation allows. However, once the everything starts getting intense, I will continue documenting as long as I need to!

Do you use flash photography during the birth?
I am an all-natural light photographer and rarely ever use my flash. The the case of the birth, I find it extremely important to not use flash as there is no need to.

How far will you drive?
I will be able to drive up to 30 miles outside of the Norman, OK area to photograph your delivery for no charge. If you are within Oklahoma, I will charge a rate of $.50 per mile added to your total package after 30 miles. If traveling by car is farther than 4 hours or if you an out-of-stater, please message me for more info regarding travel to your destination! I LOVE traveling!

How will I see the photos if I can't get the disc until the package is paid for?
I am just as excited to share with you the photos as you are to see them! With every birth, clients will gain exclusive access to a private album with ALL of the photos from the session as soon as they are edited and presentable. 

I’m concerned for my privacy – will I have control over the pictures posted on your blog or portfolio?
Yes, we give you private access to approve of the photos we would like to share. However, we do hope you will allow us to showcase your experience in a tasteful way so that other moms can benefit from and be inspired by your photos. This is also the fastest way for your friends and family to see the photos from the birth if you are making payments and have to wait to receive your final disc.


"Kayla Joy Photography is absolutely amazing. She is a fantastic photographer who has taken my families pictures several times. She did a beautiful job of photographing the most wonderful day of my life when she took pictures of my sons birth. There is no other photographer I would have ever considered letting in the delivery room with me. She was, and IS, so great!! She listens to her clients thoughts and ideas and helps make them come to life through her images. She is extremely patient and dedicated and always gets the pictures back extremely quickly! I cannot wait to see what future pictures she has in store for us! I would recommend her to anybody!!"

-- Heather



My husband and I made the decision to hire Kayla to photograph the birth of our baby girl in September. I will admit, at first we were hesitant.. this was our first baby, we didn’t know what to expect, could we trust a total stranger to come in and capture quite possibly one of the most intimate moments of our lives without any problems? Yes! And now that we look back, we could not be happier with that decision!! Kayla captured the whole experience beautifully. Every image was so raw, pure and full of emotion (they make me cry nearly every time I go through them). We are so thankful for her talent! She was easy to work with, communicated with us consistently and has flexible payment options. We would certainly recommend her to anyone considering having the birth of their child photographed. Girl, you rock!"

-- Brittany & Ryan