How to Stay Inspired // Blog Challenge: Day 3

My best friend, Claire, makes a cameo!

My best friend, Claire, makes a cameo!

For all of us, there comes times where we feel stuck and uncoordinated. We sometimes get to a point where we don't know what we should be doing with ourselves. For artists, there comes moments where we have blocks and can't figure out what we should be making next because we feel uninspired and lost. I know I have felt this way several times during my life but I've found ways to help guide me back into feeling excited to create. It's important we know and utilize the tools we have right in front of us to get us on our feet and going again!

Today, I want to share with you: How to Stay Inspired.

What is it that you like to do? Are you a people person? Do you serve the community? Do you make things? Whatever it may be, we all have one thing in common. We can get burnt out. If we are doing the same thing over and over, its difficult to keep doing it, right? I want to share with you some general tips that you can try to apply to your every day life. These are tips that you can interpret in your own way towards what you do!

1. Connect with others.

It's important to find people with similar interests and goals as you. They are more likely to understand you and be there to support you! Befriend people in the same field as you. You'll learn from each other, be able to brainstorm, and maybe even collaborate! Try and reach out to people. What do you have to lose?! 

2. Research different cultures, groups of people, and places.

This is definitely something that has kept me inspired through and through. I spend countless hours of my day researching and immersing myself in "online traveling." I am not able to literally travel as much as I'd like but with the world at my fingertips, images, people, groups, everything!; It's just unlimited access to spark your creativity and with new ideas and things you may not have ever seen before. Make time once or twice a week (hell, I do it every day) to dedicate to researching completely new places and people, languages or even strange environments to you. It's all very helpful.

3. Utilize the internet.

This ties into the last one but I want to elaborate. There are SO many outlets, forums, blogs, and inspiration boards for you to browse through! Here are some just to name a few if you haven't already heard of them:

  • Pinterest - Pin ideas, photos, projects, etc to personalized boards.
  • DeviantArt - Upload and browse artists works (wonderful community!).
  • Reddit - Forums, many different ones catered to your interests.
  • Flickr - Endless photography and inspirational people.
  • Tumblr - Strings of blogs to follow for endless photos, videos, etc stemmed from your interests.

Most of these places I've used for many years. Some I began using as a teen to kickstart my career with photos. Like I said before, I spend countless hours searching the internet looking at other artists, their work, photos I like, makeup I like, and anything else that strikes a chord within me. It gives me so many distinct ideas to go and make for myself. It surges energy through my veins to create! It is essential for me and it may benefit you, too! With as much over-abundance of the world's information that we have access to in this age we live in, there is NO excuse to be overlooking it.


Upon figuring out all the ways that keep me inspired that I've share with you above, it has been many years since I've been uninspired. I'm able to keep my creativity flowing every day and always come up with new ideas to push me to go out and create. I hope that some if not all of these tips will help you in some way to surge your creativity in your work!

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