Mommy & Me Mini Sessions

Available Through May 7

30 Minutes, 1 Location, free giftS


What you need to know:

What does the session fee include?

  • 30 Minute Photoshoot at our studio location or other location of your choice.
  • Bring yourself and your children, as many as there are!
  • A FREE Gift Print up to 8x10 from your final images ($30 value).
  • A FREE video of ALL final images to music ($250 value)
  • Premiere Ordering Session at our studio location in Downtown Norman.

How Do I receive my photos?

We believe that not enough families go home with fine art on their walls. Our solution is to provide our clients with the best full service studio that we can. At our Premier Ordering Session, you will be able to see all of your images for the first time in person and make a selection of the photos that you want to take home. To see a full list of the products we offer and their pricing, click here. Remember, with this shoot, you will be getting a free gift print up to an 8x10!

What if I only want digitals?

Our digital files can be individually purchased for a flat fee of $30 per image, but you will receive a gift print (up to 8x10) with every photo you choose! If you spend $500, you will get the rest of the files free of charge.

How Do I set up a shoot?

We are excited to meet you and make the most out of our time together! We hope that you get to walk away with gorgeous images and a friendship too. In order to set up a shoot, please contact us first and we can go from there. To secure a session date and time, your session fee will need to be paid in full by invoice in advance.

I'm sorry, your prices are out of my budget. Are you able to give me a discount?

Although I may not be the right fit for everyone, I assure all my current and potential clients that I understand everyone's financial circumstances and I never want to pressure anyone into spending more money than they are comfortable. I do have flexible payment plans available for individuals who want to invest in their portraits and memories that will last longer than any other physical purchase they will ever make.

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